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The Pill Box Pharmacy was established in 1972 within the city limits of Willard, MO. Lee and Vivian Bruner were the original founders of the drug store and gift shop that so many have grown to love. Lee remembers the days before establishing the pharmacy. He went door to door asking the opinions of the Willard citizens if they wanted a local pharmacy. The rest is history!

Pill Box Pharmacy has been in four locations in the Willard area, the original pharmacy was located in the shopping center just east of what is now known as the Korean Gardens. It then was moved to within the shopping center of its current location. Before reaching its current location the pharmacy was in three different locations within the shopping center. In 1975 in one of the locations just across the shopping center the pharmacy experienced a fire that burnt down the drug store. Lee then picked up the remaining pieces and rented a trailer until it had a new home next to the dollar general. In 1980 the Pharmacy found its current home and location.

The people of Willard and the surrounding areas have allowed the pharmacy to stay in business for all these years due to their continued patronage. On January 1, 2005 Lee semi-retired and sold out to his nephew John Burner and Andrew Bahl. In 2008 Jennifer Lankford became the full-time pharmacist and now is part owner of the pharmacy along with her husband Brent Lankford. Jennifer and Brent have grown to love and be a part of the Willard community and want everyone to know that we will always be there for your healthcare needs. The lowest drug prices and best service is always guaranteed. With your continued patronage you will always have your local pharmacy because it is after all “Willard’s Pill Box Pharmacy”.

Meet Our Staff

Jennifer Lankford

PharmD - Owner

Brent Lankford


Heather Smith


Alyssa Wake


Amanda Beasley


Scott Hunt

Scott has been a lifelong resident of Alexandria, LA. He graduated from ASH High School before attending ULM, previously called NLU, where he graduated with a BS in Pharmacy in 1984. He has two wonderful daughters, Hali and Marlayna, and two son-in-laws that he feels honored to have as a part of his family. He has 2 grandchildren, Kiranan and Elliot, that he loves spending time with and another one on the way! He has been married to his wife Natosha (Tossi) for three years now and feels so blessed to have her by his side. In his downtime, he can be found bike riding, walking, fishing, reading, spending time with his family and is involved in the POA Church in Alexandria.